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The risks of chlamydia for pregnancy
People should pay more attention to chlamydia infection, especially for pregnant women. With chlamydia infection before or during pregnancy, women are at increased risk for pregnancy complications.
If a pregnant woman has chlamydia, she may give the infection to her baby as it passes through the birth canal during delivery. This can cause blindness, joint infection, pneumonia, or a life-threatening blood infection in the baby. For example, the newborn's eyes must be treated with an antibiotic immediately after delivery that can prevent serious eye infections.
Analyzing data from more than 350,000 Australian women who had their first child between 1999 and 2008 , Researchers have found that 1 percent of those women had at least one chlamydia infection before they gave birth, and 81 percent of those women were diagnosed before they became pregnant. Among all the women in the study, 4 percent had an unplanned premature birth, 12 percent had babies who were small for their gestational age, and 0.6 percent had stillborn babies.
After taking into account factors known to increase the risk of birth complications -- including age, poverty, smoking and health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure -- the researchers found that a prior infection with chlamydia also increased the risk. And women who'd had chlamydia were 17 percent more likely to have an unplanned premature birth and 40 percent more likely to have a stillborn baby. There was no increased risk of having a baby that was small for its gestational age.
Health experts recommend that women who are expecting have at least one test for chlamydia during prenatal care because of the risks presented by chlamydia infection to both the mother and the baby.
Treatment of chlamydia as soon as it is found in pregnant women will reduce the risk of these health problems. However, in the western medicine, antibiotics are the main treatment for chlamydia which is more or less dangerous for both mothers and babies. Therefore, some women are recommended to use the traditional Chinese medicine which is famous for its no side effects. But when taking the traditional Chinese medicine, you also need to follow the right instruction.
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