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Five abnormal discharges
Most of females have the bad experiences of abnormal discharges. However, few of them know sometimes different abnormal discharges imply the different diseases.
Purulent discharge
When the discharge is yellow or green grume or spumescence that has a bad odor, most of them are caused by the infection of vagina. And trichomonad is the common one causing vagina infection with itching around the vulva. If left untreated, it may lead to cervicitis, endometritis, palace membrane effusion etc. 
Cheese-shaped discharge 
When cheese-shaped discharge is found on your underpants, it is a typical kind of vagina infection that is caused by mucedine. Females are usually confused by the serious itch around the vulva when infected by this bacteria.
Discharge with blood
Females should beware of the abnormal discharge with blood because it is possible to suffer from cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. Besides, cervical polyp, submucous myoma, urethral caruncle and metrorrhagia also can cause the abnormal discharge with blood. Then this abnormal discharge would happen on the women who have the intrauterine device.
Yellow discharge
Yellow discharge which likes water is often found after persistent bleeding in the vagina. If the discharge becomes purulent and yellow with a bad odor, the first diseases you need to consider are carcinoma of uterine cervix in the later period, endometrial cancer or submucous myoma. Besides, it is possible to suffer from carcinoma of fallopian tube if this yellow discharge is paroxysmal.
More discharge with urination disorder
When the discharge becomes more with urination disorder, it is considered to be infected by gonococcus. What is more, cervicitit caused by chlamydia also can lead to this abnormal discharge
After all, it is necessary to have an examination when you find abnormal discharge, and the treatment should be followed by your doctor. For most infections of reproductive organs, Chinese herbal medicine has the significant effect without any side effect. Meanwhile, personal hygiene and health diet are also important to keep away from the infections. For example, keep vagina clear and dry, change the underpants regularly, wash your underpants alone avoiding cross infection, don’t eat spicy food etc. 
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