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Three diseases are the main causes of painful urination
As an important emunctory, urethra has the function of urination and spermiation. Once infected, it has the symptoms of itching and burning around the urethra, painful urination etc. the followings are three main diseases causing painful urination: urethritis, urocystitis and prostatitis.
When urethra is invaded by bacteria and virus, urethritis is most likely to be caused. Because the inflammation keeps stimulating urethra and make influence of urination, people will feel pain when they urinate. For the male patients with acute urethritis, they even have the purulent discharge during the stage of attack.
So when meeting that condition, patients are suggested to take the examination of discharge smear or urine bacteria culture, which can find out what kind pathogen leads to urethritis.
It means inflammation of bladder. Generally, urocystitis is caused by urethritis. Therefore, the patients with urocystitis often have the complication of chronic urethritis. When urinating, patients have the obvious feeling of pain as the urine with bacteria in the bladder stimulates urethra. Meanwhile, the other symptoms include burning when urination, abdominal pain at the end of urination, muddy urine, or even bloody urine sometimes.
Prostatitis patients experience the painful urination as well. The pain is becoming obvious at the end of urination and patients still have the feeling of pain after urinating. 
According to the research, men who are diagnosed with prostatitis have the higher pressure of posterior urethra, by which way the smooth muscle power of posterior urethra is improved. Therefore, when urine flows back to prostate, trioxypurine in the urine generates one kind of chemical stimulation, which leads to urinating pain for prostatitis patients.
To sum up, when meeting the problem of painful urination, patients have to take the related exams as soon as possible in order to find out the pathogenesis and then take the reasonable treatment. For example, diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, a kind of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has the remarkable effect on eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat, eliminating toxins and promoting blood circulation without any side effect. It works well in treating urethritis, urocystitis and prostatitis.

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