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How to read semen routine analysis and centrifugal test?

As many men have the problems of semen, few of them know how to read semen routine analysis and centrifugal test. In fact, both examinations are very common in the male check. Then the followings explain how to read semen routine analysis and centrifugal test.
Semen routine analysis-identify male fertility
Because the quality of sperms plays the key role in male fertility, it is suggested to take semen routine analysis before they want to have babies.
Semen analysis items include semen volume, color, viscosity, PH value, liquefying time, agglomeration degree, activity ratio, density and amount, form, leukocyte and erythrocyte etc. Generally, judgment criteria of sperm quality are following: the amount: 2ml; color: light yellow; PH: 7.4; leukocyte: a little; erythrocyte: none. If there is erythrocyte or too much leukocyte in the semen, it is most likely to be caused by inflammation.
Centrifugal test- identify whether there are sperms
When microscope can hardly find any sperm in semen routine analysis, many patients are suggested to take centrifugal test in order to make a definite diagnosis if patients suffer from azoospermatism or severe asthenozoospermia. 
After centrifuging in the centrifugal machine, semen is taken to do microscopic examination. If just 20-25 active sperms can be seen, it will be considered as asthenozoospermia; if there is no sperm after three centrifugations, it will be diagnosed as azoospermatism.
All in all, both examinations aim at male’s semen. If there is no sperm through microscope, centrifugal test will be suggested. Besides, in order to keep the veracity, it is better for men to take masturbation to collect semen.
As we all know that asthenozoospermia has the bad effect on fertility, it is necessary for patients to find out pathogenesis and take the suitable treatment in time. When asthenozoospermia is caused by inflammation of urogenital canal, medicines with the function of clearing inflammation and dispersing blood stasis are needed. For example, the Chinese herbal medicine diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, which is made from pure natural herbs without any side effect, has the remarkable effect on it. 

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