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Prolonged menstrual period and diseases
The normal menstrual duration is 3 to 7 days. If the menstruation lasts more than 7 days, then we call it menstrual extension. Many women have experienced this. However, seldom do they know that not every prolonged period is accidental. Sometimes, it may be caused by diseases such as blood diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine diseases and so on.
1. Blood diseases
The prolonged menstruation can be caused by blood diseases. Blood diseases such as chronic anemia, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and nephritis can make blood vessel walls fragile and the permeability increased, causing bleeding. In addition, other blood diseases such as thrombocytopenic purple epilepsy and aplastic anemia are always accompanied by menses. They can cause menstrual cramps, serious uterine bleeding and menstrual extension. Therefore, patients should seek active treatment if suffering the extended menstruation.
2.Pelvic inflammation
Once suffering pelvic inflammatory disease, uterus polyp and endometritis, patients will experience sluggish and degenerated blood circulation or pelvic congestion. Under these circumstances, menorrhagia and menstrual extension occur.
3.Uterine fibroid
Uterine fibroids are divided into three categories: subserosal, intramural and submucosal fibroid. In general, if the cyst is subserosal, it won't affect menstruation. Otherwise, it will cause irregular period. If the cyst is intramural, the growth of the fibroid causes additional pressure placed on surrounding organs. Consequently, symptoms like extended menstruation appear. And if the cyst is submucosal, it oppresses the endometrium, increasing the size of the uterus cavity. As a result, endometrium falls off incompletely during menstruation, leading to prolonged menstruation.
4.Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) 
DUB is another cause of prolonged menstruation. DUB can happen at any time during a woman's reproductive years, but it most commonly affects those over age 40. DUB indicates a hormone dysfunction, which can impact the uterine lining's stability and lead to irregular, heavy, or prolonged menstrual bleeding.
Endometriosis affects the contraction of myometrium and enhances the endometrial lining (endometrium), causing heavy menstrual bleeding and extended period. To treat this kind of irregular menstruation, patients need to cure endometriosis first. A herbal medicine named fuyan pill works well on treating gynecological diseases like endometriosis.
Because there is congestion in the pelvic cavity, the ovarian estrogen levels continue rising, thickening the myometrium, thus causing menorrhagia and menstrual extension.
To sum up, menstrual extension may be caused by both gynecological diseases and systemic diseases. It is necessary for patients to find out the causes first, then receive corresponding treatment.
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