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How does the rope skipping reduce the morbidity rate of ectopic pregnancy?

Under the influence of taking exercises fashion movements, there are increasing number of people who take part in taking exercises. Rope skipping as one of the most popular exercises is easy to perform at home. Rope skipping not only can enhance physique and lose weight, but also can prevent ectopic pregnancy.  
When women take rope skipping, jumping up and down can make the inner organs like uterus and it’s around ligaments shaking metrically. As for fallopian tubes and the ovaries, they can be stretched by the metrical shaking healthily. 
What’s more, the rope skipping just like a gym for fallopian tubes can stimulate the two organs properly. So this exercise can boost inner microcirculation to supply more nutrition and oxygen, and improve metabolism to the two organs. Therefore, rope skipping is good for the two organs.
For teenagers, appropriate stimulation caused by frequent rope skipping is helpful for these underdeveloped organs like smooth muscle and secretory cells of fallopian tubes to growth and development. For fertile women, it is helpful for the transporting functions of fallopian, the discharging of hormones and other auxiliary reproductive liquid, protecting the whole pregnant process. Therefore, the ectopic pregnancy can be avoided, because the possibility for fertilized egg to be stopped by blocked fallopian tube and then have to implant in fallopian tubes can be reduced effectively. Rope skipping is perfectly useful on caring reproductive health and maintaining the function of fallopian tubes.
According to an experiment, the fertilized egg in women who take rope skipping frequently moves more quickly and accurately than those who are not. 
In addition to preventing ectopic pregnancy, rope skipping is also good at enhancing heart, liver, nerves, and kidneys and so on.  
All in all, rope skipping is a good exercise for women. But here is one thing I need to remind, women should avoid rope skipping 20 hours after intercourse, because rope skipping can affect the fertilizing between sperm and egg. However, if you already have had tubal conditions, to prevent ectopic pregnancy, you can take Fuyan Pill.

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