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Is It True That Severe Cervicitis Makes Woman Difficult In Conceiving?
With the improvement of living standards, people’s life become more and more casual especially in sex, which turns out that more and more women get cervicitis. According to some reports severe cervicitis might cause female sterility, so is that true? And what’s the harm of cervicitis?
As for the question, I’m afraid that the answer is yes. And it influences the pregnancy in the following three ways.
First, cervicitis would influence the white blood cell of leucorrhea, making them destroy the sperm besides the bacteria and toxin, as a consequence of that, the sperm got into the vagina would be less and less. On the other hand it might also affect the activity of sperm, shorten sperm’s survival time, and prevent the combination of sperm and egg. After this it would be a little difficult for women getting pregnant,
Second, after getting cervicitis, the excretion of vagina will become much   thicker than before, which makes it difficult for sperm getting into the uterine cavity through cervix uteri, preventing the sperm getting the right place to combine with egg. It can also make woman difficult in conceiving.
Third, severe cervicitis can also cause the tissue edema, which block the way of sperm. Besides other lesion will be made and affect the implantation of germ cell.
From these we can see that cervicitis can lead very severe consequences, and more than half of the married women might get this disease. However, most of women haven’t put much attention on this.
So much attentions should be paid to the treating of cervicitis. Then what should we do?
The easiest way is to change the underwear frequently. According to the research many gynopathy is caused by the lousiness of the private part. So in our daily life, women should focus on their personal hygiene. However changing underwear cannot cure the disease, then what should patients do to cure it completely? Recently, this problem has been solved by Dr. Lee. After studying the disease for almost 30 years, Dr. Lee found that fuyan pill can cure cervicitis, and most of her patients have recovered completely since taking the pill. 
In a word, severe cervicitis could make woman difficult in conceiving, and it should be treated as soon as possible. Remember to clean your underwear often and take fuyan pill. 
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