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Surprising, women dead from pelvic inflammatory disease in New York, double the national average
The CDC got its conclusion after analyzing the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, as well as the list of 113 selected causes of death published by the National Center for Health Statistics. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are among the leading causes of death in the U.S., whether you live in New York or California. However, this isn’t the same when it comes to the “distinctive” causes of death by state.

The CDC mapped the data and depicted the one distinctive cause of death for each state. The most notable distinctive cause of death was sexually transmitted infection resulting in a relatively high number of deaths. For example, in New York, gonorrhea and chlamydia are the most “distinctive” killers, while pelvic inflammatory disease is the number one unusual cause of death in the state. And in the map you could also see the rare causes of death. For example, the total number of deaths calculated in 22 states was under 100. New York was the only state where PID resulted in a significant number of deaths compared to the national average. According to this report women dead from pelvic inflammatory disease in New York, double the national average.
People are shocked by the number of women that dead from PID in New York. It is very surprising to find that women dead from pelvic inflammatory disease in New York double the national average. Since New York is a city, which has the most advanced medical technology in the world. However if you combine the high risks of this disease with the life style of New York, then you would understand the reason.
New York is a city with all kinds of culture mutual fusion, and people come from all over the world. So there is no doubt that women in this city would live an open life style, and most of them would have multiple sexual partners. What's more, the teenagers in this city also indulge themselves in night life, having unprotected sex. These reasons put them in high risk of infecting PID, and also make a great contribution to the number of death.
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a female reproductive organs infection disease. In some cases PID wouldn't show any symptoms or symptoms of which often go unnoticed by women. Thus they often left PID untreated, and putting high risk damage to their reproductive system, making it difficult to get pregnant in the future. In some serious cases, it also causes death. Thus the immediate treatment for PID couldn’t be ignored. Although with the rapid development of our technology, a great number of treatments for PID have been invented, but either of them have side effects or rare of them could eliminate all the symptoms completely. But all the problems could be solved by traditional Chinese herbal medicine, such as fuyan pill. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine had been proven effective on treating PID by many clinic cases.
As there are so many women dead from pelvic inflammatory disease in New York , that is to say PID is also dangerous disease, women who should also pay attention to prevent it. Below are some tips for you to keep away from PID,
Practice safe sex.
Talk to your doctor about contraception.
Get tested.
Request that your partner be tested.
Don't douche.
Pay attention to hygiene habits.
Everyone is very close to PID, so each of you should follow above tips. Only in this way, could you enjoy a healthy life.
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