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Ways for Preventing the Recurrence of Prostatitis

 Curing prostatitis thoroughly is a very long process,it spend patients a lot of money and time and energy.Patients walk a long way to retain a healthy body,so it must be very sure that they do not want their prostatitis to recurrent again.However,nobody can guarantee that his prostatitis never relapse,there are only some way which can reduce the chance of recurrence of prostatitis.
 Ring spicy diet!Spicy food can dilate blood vessels, so that vascular permeability increased, and make the inflammatory prostate  congestion and edema again,it will produce oppression or stimulation of the urethra that caused by poor urination and urinary urgency and other symptoms. Some patients think that low alcohol content of beer is not a problem,they do not realize that once accumulated to a certain amount, the result is the same.
 Do not stay up too late and sit too long!Stay up late will destroy the function of body.And when a men sits,he sits on his prostate gland actually,this makes pressure of the prostate,and long time pressure will cause irritation.So make sure you go to bed early and stand up to walk around when you have sit for a long time.
 Arrange your sexual life rationally.Some prostatitis patients may stop their sexual life because of their sickness. In fact, this is wrong,indulgence or abstinence are not good for prostate. The moderate sex life not only does not aggravate the condition, but helps to reduce the prostatitis. Periodic discharge of semen, can alleviate prostate fullness, promote prostate fluid continuously updated, contribute to the rehabilitation of the prostate.
 Do physical examination regularly.The symptoms of prostatitis may not too obvious to find without professional examination,so it is imporyant for historical prostatitis patients to do regular examination in the hospital.
 Although it is difficult to cure prostatitis, there do something patients can do and control to prevent the recurrence of it, such as take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to control or cure prostatitis.

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