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What is the Relationship between Prostatitis and Sex
Prostate gland is one of the most glands in male. Because it places in front of bladder just like solders, so people call it “pro+state”. Prostate gland is covered by countless nerve nets and nerve endings which enable prostate gland to connect with other parts of the body. Therefore, chronic prostatitis can lead to mixed and complex constitutional symptoms.

What is the correlation between prostate gland and sex? Can a man with a enlarged prostate enjoy sex?

1. Prostate gland is a sensitive organ and has close relationship with sex.
For a man with normal physiological development, discharge from glands in reproductive system will increase with sexual stimulus. Prostate gland needs to drain its discharge at irregular intervals. So regular sexes can expel prostate fluid and release its stress.
If a mature man sustains sexual repression for a long time, what’s the affection to his prostate gland? Because of rare sex, prostate fluid and congestion, continuous excite of sympathetic nervous system will intensify obstructive nephropathy and urinary irritation symptoms, finally resulting in urinary frequency and urgency.

2. Man with a enlarged prostate don’t need to refrain from sex but must exercise it in a moderate and regular way.
A enlarged prostate may be able to trigger temperate sexual excitement. Almost all middle-aged men suffer from enlarged prostates somehow and experience growing sexual desire at its beginning. This kind of sexual desire because of the reaction of testicle to the disorder of prostate function. However, growing sexual desire can’t reduce this symptoms, instead, it aggravates the disease.

In conclusion, men should take care of their prostate in everyday life and hold the balance between sex and prostate. Furthermore, men suffer from it should seek medical attention as soon as possible, and skillful herbalist Lee with 30-year experience on treating male urinary and reproductive system diseases will be able to help you. You can get professional treatments and suggestions from Lee at https://www.drleetcmclinic.com/

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