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Why can Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure and Avoid Recurrence of Chronic Prostatitis
With the failure of modern scientific medicine on totally curing patients suffering from chronic prastatitis, various forms of alternative treatments especially traditional Chinese services are provided by medicine hospitals upon request. In comparison with Western medicine, Chinese medicine is relatively safe with few side effects. And according to research led by Zhao Dongyao, a professor of Gansu University of Chinese Medicine, chronic prostatitis respond well to Chinese medicine.
Chronic problems usually present accumulation of unsolved acute problem or complicate aliments without solutions. Illness suffered by the whole body gradually turns into individual organ. Chronic prostatitis seems just like an inflammation of prostate gland, but it may indicate more than it including sub-health, weakened immunity even other diseased organs. It is due the neglect of the inseparable relationship between the different organs that makes western medicine fail to make improvements in chronic prostatitis treatment.
However, when addressing this disease, the Chinese herbalist takes the whole human individual as a integrated biological entity. Apart from using herbal preparation on specific, direct needs of symptom control, also make use of their indirect abilities. They will adopt a direction emphasizing on a maintenance of undiseased organs while the diseased organs struggle to heal under the influence of body defence. The formula is created not for the control of symptoms but also for a transition to health promotion. For all these reasons, chronic prostatitis can be well cured by Chinese medicine and show a low rate of recurrence. Here I’d like to recommend skillful Herbalist Lee Xiaoping and her product named Diuretic And Anti-Inflammatory Pill which proves very useful. 
Once the patient finish the full course given by the herbalist and show no symptoms a month later, he is absolutely free from chronic prostatitis. Of course, he can go to hospital to do some medical exams again to justify his recovery. But please keep in mind that chronic prostatitis is like flu, if you don’t care for your health and indulge yourself in bad lifestyle, it come back again.
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