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Peak Prostatitis in Autumn
At the end of autumn, people who drive a lot, party a lot and stay up late a lot begin to experience symptoms such as pain in lower back, painful urination, decreasing sexual desire. All these are signals of prostatitis. Experts think that season and climate make contribution to prostatitis. In terms of season, people are easily infected with prostatitis and recurrence of it easily happens in autumn, and especially at the turn of autumn and winter. So, people should take care of themself and prevent themselves from diseases in autumn.
In autumn, with temperature dropping, sympathetic nerve become more exciting, prostate gland shrinks while crypt and blood vessel expands, resulting in chronic congestion, which increase internal pressure within urethra and the risk of a backward flow. The change of urethra intensifies the blockage of prostate fluid and trigger prostatitis with symptoms of prostatitis frequent urination, painful urination, abdominal pain and pain in testicles. Hence, men should pay attention to changes in their body and stop it before becomes a problem.
Middle-aged and young people are easily infected with acute prostatitis. During this period, men male function, long-time prostate congestion slow down cellular metabolism, weakens cellular immunity against bacteria which lets bacteria get into the prostate. In addition, unhealthy living habit like clubbing, drinking, staying up late also undermines body immunity, and then diseases easily infect prostate.
Elder are easily infected with benign prostatic hyperplasia. In old age, the decreasing of testicular function and hormonal readiness increases the risk of getting benign prostatic hyperplasia.
In conclusion, people should seek medical attention at once if there is a signal. And please keep in mind that regular hospital is the first choice.
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