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Why Prostatitis Treatments Say No to Surgery
Generally speaking, surgery is not a preferred approach to chronic prostatits treatment, because it may leave trauma on patients’ bodies. It is only taken into consideration under conditions that long-term routine treatments are unavailable or ineffective as well as patients suffer from serious chronic prostatitis, especially those with prostate stone, prostate abscess, prostate cancer. 
Why say no to surgery 
1.The majority of patients with prostate diseases can get recovery through routine treatments including oral or intravenous antibiotics. Furthermore, Chinese medicine such as Diuretic And Anti-Inflammatory Pill proves very useful.
2.Surgery may lead to consequence like partial or complete loss of sexual function.
3.long stimulus of inflammation causes adhesion between prostate and the surrounding tissues, and this results in easy blooding in the surgery and difficulty in removing adhesion. In addition, surgery runs a high risk of getting complications due to its possibility to hurt the surrounding  tissues. 
4.Surgery on prostatitis require sophisticated skill and advanced medical equipment. What matters is that prostatitis cannot be completely cured by surgery.Symptoms of prostatitis still trouble the patients who have received procedures.
For above reasons, many patients may change their attitude to surgery and try to seek other remedies like Chinese medicine on prostatitis. 
The Chinese herbalist regards the whole human individual as a integrated biological entity. Excerpt for using herbal preparation on specific, direct needs of symptom control,their indirect abilities is also taken into consideration. They will adopt a direction emphasizing on a maintenance of uninfected organs while the diseased organs strive to recover under the influence of body defence. The formula is created not for the control of symptoms but also for a transition to health promotion.
Therefore, chronic prostatitis can be well cured by Chinese medicine and show a low rate of recurrence. Here I’d like to recommend skillful Herbalist Lee Xiaoping and her product named Diuretic And Anti-Inflammatory Pill which proves very useful. 
Compared with surgery, Chinese medicine takes advantage of no wounds, no sequel and convenience without having to stay in bed for a long time. besides, it can cure prostatitis  with low risk of recurrence.
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