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Will Chronic Prostatitis Go away Naturally?
Chroninc prostatitis is a disease  with an  unknown etiology affects a large number of men, accounting for 90% of the cases. Many people  with it wonder whether it can go away naturally without medication intervention. To answer this question, we should make it clear how some diseases clear up naturally.
How Many Diseases can be Self-cured?
We are born with self-healing system. the self-healing system of people can cure 60% to 70% disease and discomforts. for example, a small cut stops bleeding a few minutes later, begin to scab a few day later, fall off  in a week, and  the scar finally disappear in a month. This proves the magic of self-healing. But how? According to modern science, self-system is composed of defense system,  stress system, immune system, repair system, endocrine system, and several other subsystems. They coordinate together to maintain the health of the body. In addition, natural human hormone, human immune cells and human antibody  play an comprehensive role in the process of  curing diseases. 
How is there "Chronic" if "Chronic Prostatitis" can Go away Naturally?
Powerful as self-healing system is, it cannot cure all diseases. but why? it's not yet known. Maybe the power of some diseases surpass the power of self-healing system. Unfortunately, chronic prostatitis is one of the " some diseases".  If left untreated, it can bring troubles with varying degrees of pain, even result in sexual dysfunction or infertility. Therefore, instant medical attention is needed. 
Though antibiotics is the most common treatment for chronic prostatitis, its efficacy is still controversial. But its side effect and drug resistance is uncontroversial. Except for antibiotics, painkiller can also cause drug resistance and drug addicts. What's the worse, it may mask the symptoms of important conditions, leaving symptoms deteriorating unconsciously. 
In conclusion, these chemicals impair the ability of the self-healing of human body. People should shift their choice from chemicals to Chinese herbs. Which is natural and effective in curing prostatitis without any side effect or drug resistance.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is developed by Lee Xiaoping, a doctor with thirty-year experience in the male and female genitourinary system. Chronic prostatitis reponds well to it, even patients with incurable genital and reproductive diseases such as interstitial cystitis can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as herbal supplement for years to roll back symptoms and avoid deterioration of the condition without any harm to their body.

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