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Can Chronic Prostatitis Cause Lower Back Pain and How to Relieve
Chronic prostatitis is a common male disease and will cause lower back pain if left untreated. Why? And what abnormal symptoms does it lead to in clinically?
Pain caused by chronic prostatitis is not only present in the perineum, testicles, tip of penis, pubic or bladder area, it may also radiate to the rectum and back, especially lower back. Such condition is often confused with pain such as  myofascitis, lumbar muscle strain. The latter is often present around parts where a belt is, higher than the painful parts because of chronic prostatitis.
Lower back pain is not an independent disease, but often regarded one of symptoms of chronic prostatitis, generally referring to pain at one side or both sides of the waist. This pain can radiate to legs with exogenous disease or internal injury. Clinical manifestation of chronic prostatitis includeS frequent and urgent urination, fatigue and nausea, psoas ache, weak sexual desire, enlarged prostate, impotence and  premature ejaculation. 
How to relieve pain in lower back? 
1. People can have massage which relieve the pain by improving the circulaton of blood, accelerating the process of metabolism and enhancing elasticity of ligaments and tendon.
2. People should avoid long-term sitting. Long-time sitting may intensify hemorrhoids and make perineum congestive, followed by dysuria, and then people will feel more painful in their back. Instead, they should stretch oneself and move around frequently.
3. People can get help with medical instrument such as waist support. Though it does nothing good to chronic prostatitis, it indeed remit the pain in waist. 
However methods above only ease the symptom, they cannot cure the root cause. If one want to eliminate pain forever, he must deal with his prostate problem first. Chronic prostatitis is difficult to cure and long term treatment period is necessary, which means huge consumption or even  impairment of body's energy and essence. Therefor, natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with efficacy but without drug resistance and side effect is the best choice for sufferers. 
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