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What Causes Recurrent Prostatitis Flare Ups
Prostatitis is a common disease affecting men of all ages. it is difficult to get complete recovery from it because it can come and go easily. Many people with this disease may wonder what cause prostatitis and why prostatitis easily recur.
Reasons for Easy Recurrence of Prostatitis and Risk Factors of Its Recurrence. 
There are a lot of reasons for easy recurrence of prostatitis . First, the prostate connects closely to the urethra, vas deferens, easily infected by other infectious issues. Second, large quantity of prostatitis, long and curved tube make it difficult for prostate gland to expel, therefore it easily affect surrounding glands. Third, it is difficult to discover and diagnose minimum symptoms in prostate gland. Fourth, the blood/ prostate barrier prevents many antibiotics from reaching levels that are higher than minimum inhibitory concentration. Fifth, full course of antibiotics was not finished by patient. 
It is these factors that make prostatitis difficult to cure totally. And we also need to pay more attention to the risk factors of its recurrence, including unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sex life, abuse of antibiotics and single therapy. Unhealthy lifestyle decrease resistance against bacteria and microorganisms affecting the prostate. Irregular sex life leads to hyperemia and inflammation of prostate. Abuse of antibiotics results in drug resistance and potential harm to health. 
All these make contribution to the recurrence of prostatitis. While traditional Chinese medicine shows promise in the treatment of many chronic diseases that are not effectively treated with other therapies. 
The Chinese herbalist takes the whole human individual as a integrated biological entity. Apart from using herbal preparation on specific, direct needs of symptom control, also make use of their indirect abilities. They will adopt a direction emphasizing on a maintenance of undiseased organs while the diseased organs struggle to heal under the influence of body defense. The formula is created not for the control of symptoms but also for a transition to health promotion. For all these reasons, chronic prostatitis can be well cured by Chinese medicine and show a low rate of recurrence. 
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