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Herbal Medicine is Safe and Effective Prostatitis Supplements
Herbs have been used in  many countries for thousands of years to cure different kinds of diseases and help patients recover from diseases. Prostatitis is a common male disease which is not easy to deal with. But many people have successfully used herbs and found themselves free from the symptoms caused by prostatitis, with little drug resistance and few side effects which are inevitable during the long-term antibiotic treatment.
Antibiotic may destroy the healthy cells as they kill the infected cells, resulting in dysbacteria and bacterial resistance within the body, bringing harm to human health and inefficiency of antibiotics to the next treatment. And they also cause allergic reactions in some people. Furthermore, they are known to cause damage to organs and tissues. This is why many men often regard prostatitis natural treatment as an alternative antibiotics to treat their condition. Some herbs with property of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy or diuresis have proved effective for prostate infection.
Chronic problems usually present accumulation of unsolved acute problem or complicate aliments without solutions. Illness suffered by the whole body gradually turns into individual organ. Prostatitis seems just like an inflammation of prostate gland, but it may indicate more than it including sub-health, weakened immunity even other diseased organs. It is the neglect of the inseparable relationship between the different organs that makes western medicine fail to cure chronic prostatitis. 
However, when addressing this disease, the Chinese herbalist takes the whole human individual as a integrated biological entity. Apart from using herbal preparation on specific, direct needs of symptom control, also make use of their indirect abilities. The formula is created not for the control of symptoms but also for a transition to health promotion. For all these reasons, Prostatitis can be well cured by herbal medicine and show a low rate of recurrence. 
A specific formula for curing chronic prostatitis is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with different ingredients working together in ensuring that you heal from the disease that you are suffering from.  It terminates chronic pain by notably improving blood circulation and eliminate inflammation gradually.
in addition to take herbal medicine, keeping healthy lifestyle such as frequent exercise,  bed early and healthy eating is also beneficial. 
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