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10% Discount Time-limited Promotions for Fuyan Pill during 7th CISM Military World Games
On October 18, 2019, the ten-day World Military Games will be held in Wuhan. As the host, in addition to cheering for the athletes, the Wuhan Dr. Lee's Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic is offering the following promotions to the new and old customers.

1. Time: 2019.10.18 - 2019.10.27
2. Theme: Sharing Friendship and Building Health Together
3. Content: All of the customers who palces order during this period can enjoy a 10% discount. If you are interested, please click the link to Purchase Fuyan Pill.

(Note:You can enjoy this discount in conjunction with any other discounts at the same time. All rights reserved by Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic.)

Why do you choose Fuyan Pill rather than other medications or treatments?
1. Strong efficacy
The prescription of Fuyan pill contains more than 50 kinds of Chinese herbs such as Bupleurum chinense, Poria cocos, Scutellaria, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Chinese yam, Atractylodes Rhizoma Atractylodis, Talc, Angelica Sinensis, Peach kernel, Safflower, Licorice, banksia rose, Corydalis tuber, Honeysuckle and faeces trogopterori.
When these ingredients play their roles at the same time, Fuyan Pill has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, invigorating spleen and improving dampness. Therefore, it can effectively treat a variety of gynecological inflammatory diseases, such as tubal blockage, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and so on.
2. Safe without side effects
Based on the theory of TCM and her own clinical experience of more than 30 years, Dr. Lee established her own unique viewpoint and independent theory and developed the Fuyan Pill on the basis of her own unique theory and her clinical research, and it won the Chinese national patent in 2011. It was based on the ancient formula through reasonable compatibility, and the herbs are all qualified. 
At the same time, it followed the overall treatment view of traditional Chinese medicine. Besides, it has broad spectrum of antimicrobial properties and can regulate the human body's internal environment. And the formula has been proved to have no side effects and drug intolerance after many years of clinical use. Therefore, it can be used for long-term treatment of diseases.
3. Principles of holistic treatment
In clinical practice, Dr. Lee found that because the organs in the female reproductive system are interconnected, other complications will occur when patients suffer from a certain disease.
Fuyan Pill follows the principle of the whole deduction and systematic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, so it can not only completely eliminate the primary disease lesions, but also effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of pathogenic bacteria so as to avoid the repeated attacks of diseases. In addition, it can help patients balance Qi and blood, enhance the immunity to achieve the effect of treating multiple diseases.
Successful cases:
30-year-old Michelle from the United States has been suffering from tubal blockage for three years. She has brown vaginal discharge before and after the menstrual cycles, bleeding during the ovulation cycle without any pain. Michelle has taken two laparoscopic surgeries successively, and she has been taking antibiotics for anti-inflammation after the operation, but the effect is not satisfactory.
Moreover, she developed typical sequelae such as irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, and severe constipation. At reexamination, she also found that she was infected with a yeast infection. Surgery and antibiotic treatment reduced Michelle's confidence in treatment. Finally, she found Dr. Lee and began the treatment with herbal medicine Fuyan Pill.
Within a course of taking Fuyan Pill, her sexual intercourse pain, abdominal tenderness, pelvic pain had been significantly improved, and no brown discharge appeared, which made it possible for her to have a harmonious sexual life like before. After three courses of treatment, she succeeded in conceiving and shared this exciting news with us. Thus, Fuyan Pill has a significant curative effect in the treatment of female gynecological inflammatory diseases. During the treatment period, strict diet control and regular lifestyle should be combined to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
Tips: If you are interested in buying Dr. Lee’s Fuyan Pill, please click the link below to purchase: https://www.drleetcmclinic.com/Service/51.html And you can consult your doctor online by e-mail: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com or herbalistlee@yahoo.com. On the basis of a detailed understanding of the condition, Dr. Lee can formulate appropriate treatment plans for your condition.
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