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3 Years Glandular Cystitis Cured by Herbal Medicine

Back to the year 2011, Mrs. Yan depressingly came to my clinic, telling me her story. I was more like a friend or a listener than a doctor or a helper.

She was a mother of a 16 year-old girl, had a charming family. Everything collapsed before 2 months she was diagnosed with glandular cystitis. “I got divorced last year, my life has been ruined by this disease. I cannot sit or stand, pain is everywhere with me. I urinate like 2 to 3 times per hour, always with the need of urination. ” Said Mrs. Yan, “my little girl feels sorry for me and I feel as if  I am  not a good mother cause I cannot give that much support and love because of the terrible pain. ”

She was once very upset and even overwhelmed while talking with me. She said I was her last hope after visiting too many doctors and taking too much pills. After listening to my introduction of my medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, she decided to give it a try.

I asked her to take a test before start taking the pills so that we can see how she’s been improving after taking the pills. On the following is her report of urethrascope on Auguse 29th,  2011. Very obvious follicles can be seen. 

After one months pills, she felt the symptoms were much improved so she bought three more months pills at a time (as I’ve suggested 4 months pills to her).

The next time she came back to me was when she finished 4 months pills, with her new urethrascope report as below:

The lining of bladder was flat with no follicle at all, even the scar tissue formed after a previous procedure can be seen on the bottom of the bladder.

She told me all her symptoms were cleared up after only three months pills, however she still finished 4 months pills as I’d suggested. And that was the first time I saw her smile.


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