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Binx Health Announced the First Group of Patients Will Benefit from One-time Test for Chlamydia and

Binx Health announced the first use of the binxio platform in the real world, providing a one-time diagnosis and treatment of Chlamydia (CT) and gonorrhea, the two most commonly detected sexually transmitted infections in the world.
The World Health Organization (who) has previously pointed out that the lack of reliable, low-cost medical point testing to support one-time diagnosis and treatment is a major obstacle to the control and prevention of STIs. Binx health's rapid Chlamydia/gonorrhea test recently obtained CE certification in Europe and 510 (k) license from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, making it the first company to eliminate this obstacle.
Binx health IO system is a fully automatic qualitative detection system, which can be used to detect the DNA of chlamydia and gonorrhea from women's vaginal swab samples in medical points or clinical laboratories. These samples are collected by the clinician or the patient at the clinical treatment point. In the first real-world use case, the Binx IO platform provides a one-off diagnosis and treatment of chlamydia and gonorrhea, the two most commonly detected sexually transmitted infections in the world.
With the permission of innovative UK SBRI, in collaboration with three NHS trust funds and the applied diagnostic research and Evaluation Department of St. Georges University of London (SGUL), the binxio platform is used by clinicians to diagnose patients who may face several days of delay between infection identification and treatment.
Given the average visit time in the United States, binxio can provide results by the time of a visit (before the patient leaves the doctor's office). This presents the opportunity to test and treat millions of patients who need to be screened in accordance with medical guidelines, using an environment close to the patient, with accuracy comparable to that of the central laboratory. 
96% of the 1523 patients in the company's recently completed multicenter clinical study were treated by non-laboratory personnel through binxio in the medical point environment.
The results of the clinical study showed that the sensitivity and specificity of Chlamydia detection were 96.1% and 99.1%, respectively, and the sensitivity and specificity of gonorrhea detection were 100% and 99.9%, respectively. Binx's Chlamydia/gonorrhea test was CE certified in April 2019 and FDA 510 (k) licensed in August 2019.
For those who are concerned about women's health, rapid testing and treatment are essential. In women, undetected STIs can lead to a series of reproductive health problems, including infertility, pelvic inflammation, ectopic pregnancy and other complications, which can be avoided by early and rapid detection in nearby places. In the treatment, other complications should also be cured. Otherwise, the diseases will affect each other, resulting in complicated conditions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that untreated STIs in the United States alone can cause 24000 women to become infertile each year. The treatment principle of Chlamydia infection is similar to the treatment of mycoplasma infection. We should not only consider whether the drug has the function of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, but also consider whether the drug can completely change the living environment of chlamydia.
Only in this way can we fundamentally solve the problem. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively relieve the local pain, abnormal vaginal discharge and irregular menstruation of patients, and also can help patients keep a balance in the circulation of Qi and blood, so as to improve the internal environment of the reproductive system and completely change the living environment of chlamydia, and completely cure Chlamydia infection and various complications caused by these diseases.
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines recommend Chlamydia/gonorrhea screening for all pregnant women and women trying to conceive. Rapid detection and treatment of these infections can be a central tool for improving the overall reproductive health of millions of people every year.

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