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A U.S. Genetic Engineering Company Has Completed the Development of A Novel Coronavirus Vaccine

A novel coronavirus vaccine has been announced to be launched by Greffex. Novel coronavirus vaccine has been completed by Greffex, a genetic engineering company in Houston, Texas, according to the New York Post, 20 reported in New York daily. John Price, President and CEO of greffex, said in an interview that the company's researchers had completed the vaccine development this week.
The vaccine will be tested in animals by necessary government agencies, including the U.S. FDA and regulators in other affected countries, the report said. For safety reasons, Mr. price said, instead of using inactivated or attenuated viruses to make vaccines, Mr. greffex used adenoviral vector vaccines that are widely used to treat various infectious diseases or cancers.
Adenoviruses are one of the most common causes of viral respiratory infections, accounting for 2% to 5% of colds, so they are also widely used in vaccine manufacturing.
According to reports, Price said greffex would provide free access to the most affected countries if the vaccine was approved. Now that the candidate vaccine is in place, it will be tested on animals, and then the first phase of clinical trials will begin, followed by another two phases of human trials before FDA approval can be obtained. While prefix has yet to release its timetable, most estimates suggest that testing and production could take between 18 months and two years.
After the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, scientists all over the world competed to develop vaccines. The novel coronavirus has identified the molecular structure of a key protein that invade human cells, the article said. "This breakthrough result may be the gateway to the success of the new crown virus vaccine," the researchers of The University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health published in the journal Science on the 19 th. The key. "

According to the Xinhua news agency, the research team has sent the atomic coordinate data of the structure to a number of laboratories around the world, most of which are from China. At present, about 25 Chinese laboratories have asked for relevant information.
At present, some projects have entered the stage of animal experiments. If the epidemic situation requires, the emergency use of vaccine and emergency review and approval procedures can be started according to the relevant laws.
Under the premise of ensuring safety, effectiveness and accessibility, it is estimated that some vaccines can be put into clinical trials as soon as April to May of this year or in emergency use under specific conditions.
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