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The First 2 Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Colorado

On May 5, 2 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus were reported in Colorado, USA, and the first confirmed case was reported in the state.
According to the Denver Post, one of the patients was a man in his 30s who had come to Sumit county from other states. Governor Jared polis said the man arrived at Denver Airport on February 29 without any symptoms. The man developed symptoms two days ago, tested on the 4th, and the National Laboratory said that the test result was positive on the 5th.
The man and his fiancee now have been quarantined. He traveled to Italy in mid-February, and one of his fellow travelers tested positive for new coronavirus in another state.
At the press conference, Jared polis also said there were no further details about the second case. This patient had been in close contact with patients diagnosed outside the state and was being quarantined in downtown Denver. Health officials are verifying people who may have been in contact with the patient at present.
Jill hensak Ryan, executive director of the Department of public health and environment, said in a statement. "Like other states, we expect more cases in Colorado."
The first 3 cases of novel coronavirus were also confirmed on 5th in Maryland. Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, said that three of the three cases were infected while traveling abroad, and the situation is good. Hogan said that in the past few weeks, all levels of government in Maryland had been actively preparing for the outbreak.
He encouraged people not to panic, but to take the epidemic seriously and always pay attention to the information released by the government. In addition, novel coronavirus was first diagnosed in a county in Clark County by the Nevada health department.
The statement said the patient, who was in his 50s, had recently been to Washington and Texas. Five cases of novel coronavirus were identified in the United States as of local time, and 11 died in 163 cases. So far, most of the deaths have occurred in Washington, where a nursing home is seriously affected.
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