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Italy Announces Massive Shutdown of Northern Cities to Fight the Coronavirus

At 8 am on Mar 8th, local time of Italy, the decree aimed at fighting against novel coronavirus was signed by Italy's prime minister Conte. The decree was announced to implement shutdown to prevent the spread of the fatal coronavirus in 14 provinces of Lombardia and the other four districts. The decree comes into force on Mar 8th and is valid until Apr 3rd.
Italy is the second country after China to take measures to control the flow of people in areas with severe epidemics. At present, the number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 7427, with 366 deaths.
The Italians apparently reacted immediately after the news of the measures. Video footage on social media shows people scrambling to board the last train to escape. With tourism stagnating, businesses have been hit, and schools closed in a country already on the brink of recession.
According to the Italian news agency ANSA, in the early morning of the 8th, after Prime Minister Conte signed a decree to expand the area of the shutdown, the passengers who decide to leave increased in the central railway station in Milan and the capital of Lombardy, but there was no confusion at the scene, and many people wear masks. In addition to the routine check-in, the station did not take additional epidemic prevention and control measures.
Conte stressed that the implementation of the shutdown is to ensure the health of the people. Although these measures will bring inconvenience, Italy is facing a national emergency. In order to protect the health of itself and its family, the people are expected to abide by the law.

Since 7 am, there have been a large number of passengers at the lanpugnano coach station in Milan. There are about 150 people on-site; most of them are foreigners who want to return to their country by bus. According to reports, tickets have been very tight.
However, there is not a large number of check-in departures for other cities and countries in Italy at the airport of Milanello. There are almost no people in front of the check-in counter of air Italia. Most of the on-site passengers travel according to the scheduled plan.
Some of the passengers said that they were worried about being trapped, so they changed their schedule to leave in advance. At present, only a small number of flights to other cities in Italy and other cities in Europe have been canceled.
Lombardy region is also the region with the largest number and density of Italian enterprises. It is generally believed that this control measure will have an important impact on Italian machinery manufacturing, tourism, sports, and other tertiary industries.
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