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What Symptoms Will You Have If You Get Coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a kind of virus widely existing in nature. It is named because its morphology is similar to the crown under the electron microscope. So far, it has been found that coronavirus only infects vertebrates and can cause respiratory, digestive, and nervous system diseases in humans and animals.

The novel coronavirus, though a SARS relative, has not shown the dreadful character of SARS, so there is no need to panic. General symptoms are as follows:
Fever, fatigue, dry cough and dyspnea gradually appear. Fever (≥ 37.3 ℃) is the main manifestation of onset. Some people have mild onset symptoms but no fever.
It is worth mentioning that some patients have no typical respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough. It differs from flu in that it causes a much higher proportion of lung infections. Other potential starters are as follows:
1. Symptoms of the digestive system: such as mild anorexia (poor appetite), fatigue, poor spirit, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, etc.;
2. The first symptom of a nervous system is a headache;
3. Cardiovascular system symptoms: such as palpitation, chest distress, etc.;
4. Ophthalic symptoms: such as conjunctivitis;

5. Some people only have mild soreness of limb or back muscle.

About half of the patients developed dyspnea one week later, and the patients with severe dyspnea progressed rapidly, which could occur within a few days:
1. Acute respiratory distress syndrome
2. Septic shock
3. Metabolic acidosis and coagulation dysfunction that is difficult to correct
It should be noted that the course of patients with severe condition can have moderate to low fever or even no obvious fever symptoms.
The novel coronavirus has a total mortality rate of about 2.1%, according to the current statistics. Most of the patients will recover after treatment, and the symptoms of children are relatively mild. Most of the death cases are elderly or some people with underlying diseases.
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