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Newly Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in Wuhan Zero out

According to data released by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China on the 19th, newly confirmed cases in Wuhan cleared for the first time the day before. It's a milestone from thousands of new cases per day at the peak time to zero now.
Wuhan city in Hubei the most important and decisive place in the prevention of national epidemic prevention and control. In his speech, general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed the importance and urgency of the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei, especially in Wuhan, and repeatedly pointed out that the victory of the epidemic in Wuhan means the victory of the whole country. At this stage, zero is of symbolic significance and is really encouraging.
But this is not the time to relax vigilance completely. According to an interview with Academician Li Lanjuan earlier, the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan has now entered a sprint stage. By March 20 or so, the number of newly diagnosed patients is expected to be cleared. After that, two weeks of observation are still needed.
So, in this period of time, what should we pay attention to? Is it possible for the epidemic to recur?

It should be clear that zero cases do not mean zero risks. We should also see that at present, there are 6636 cases in hospitals in Hubei Province, including Wuhan, including 2274 cases of severe and critical diseases. A large number of medical staff are still trying their best to fight against the devil of the epidemic. Wuhan's defense war has entered the critical stage of the final sprint. At this time, we should not take any chances and make a good situation reverse to a bad state.

On the one hand, medical treatment, community prevention, and control and follow-up work in Hubei and Wuhan are still arduous. For example, the newly reported cases in the last few days are all from the outpatient department, all of which have the activity tracking of community and going out, so the possibility of infection of community or family members cannot be ruled out.
On the other hand, the risk of imported cases caused by the spread of an international epidemic is also increasing. There are new imported cases in Beijing, Shanghai, and other provinces and cities. In addition, with the resumption of work and production in some areas, and the gradual recovery of normal life, the risk of the epidemic rebound still exists. This reminds us that there is no form of relaxation or paralysis at present.
Jiang rongmeng, a member of the expert group of the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China, said that zero newly confirmed cases does not mean the end of the epidemic, nor that the public can relax their vigilance, because there are still uncertainties about the virus, such as the spread law of the virus has not been fully understood, mild patients and patients with atypical symptoms are not easy to find at the early stage.
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