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WHO: Zero Coronavirus Cases in Wuhan Bring Hope to the World

With the outbreak of coronavirus in many countries, China has provided medical relief materials and donations to some countries and shared experiences in fighting the disease, and many countries expressed their thanks.
On March 21, in Manila, the Philippines, staff carried Chinese medical aid just arrived. Philippine foreign minister Rochin said on the scene of the material handover ceremony that China had set an example for all countries in the world. Facts have proved that the anti-epidemic measures taken by China are correct and effective. At present, the Philippines is also taking some measures that China has already taken. China has indicated a way for other countries to fight against the epidemic.
A batch of Chinese medical aid arrived in Manila, the Philippine capital, Monday. The medical supplies include 100 thousand coronavirus reagents and 10 thousand medical protective clothing, etc.
On March 20, WHO said zero confirmed coronavirus cases in Wuhan on Mar 19thhas brought hope to the world.
"Coronavirus appears to have reached a new tragic milepost every day, "director-general Tedros said at a regular press conference. Currently, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are confirmed in more than 210 thousand cases, and more than 9000 deaths have been reported.

"We also need to celebrate success," says Tedros. For the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic, no new cases were reported in Wuhan on Tuesday, "Wuhan has brought hope to the world," even the most serious situation of the epidemic can be reversed.
Michael Ryan, who's director of the health emergency program, said Wuhan's success in fighting the epidemic had sent a simple and clear message to the world, "Hope". He said that Wuhan had shown the world that we could suppress the virus and break the transmission chain.
What we need is the efforts, unity, and cooperation of the whole society, as well as many active anti-epidemic communities, brave medical staff, a normally functioning supply chain, and the commitment of all parties.
Ryan said that other countries could achieve the same success. Although it is not necessary to copy the experience of Wuhan completely, it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive and feasible strategy corresponding to the epidemic risk faced.
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