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Is Non-surgical Treatment for Tubal Blockage and Hydrosalpinx Reliable?

Mrs. Jacobs has married for 10 years but unfortunately she cannot have a family because of her fallopian tube conditions.

After trying for 3 years after their marriage with no good result, she went to hospital for tests and was diagnosed with bilateral tubal blockage. Hydrotubation was recommended and she went through it. Three months later, however, she still cannot get pregnant. Later she was recommended with surgery but she refused.

For the past 7 years she’s been searching for treatment, visiting many different hospitals and clinics but still cannot get cured. Then she came visit me with her Chinese friend and her latest report from local hospital stating, 

“There’s mild dilatation of ampullary portion of the left fallopian tube, suggestive of left hydrosalpinx. There’s absence of free interperitoneal spillage of contrast from the left fallopian tube suggestive of possible obstruction at the ampullary portion of the left fallopian tube.”

“A small amount of contrast is noted in the isthmic portion of the right fallopian tube. No contrast is noted in distal to this. This is suggestive of obstruction at the isthmic portion of the right fallopian tube with absence of free intraperitoneal spillage of contrast from the right fallopian tube. ”

We didn’t talk much but I can read on her face that she doidn’t quite believe on this but she had to try because that was her only choice. “Please just email me if there’s any any good news and any time you need my help,” I said.

I heard from her friend that she left China after visiting two cities and started the pills once she got home.

16 weeks after that I finally got her email. “I can’t believe this has worked! I mean no disrespect Dr. Lee but I really wasn’t expecting this. I just took the pills as you’ve told me to and keep the diet and started to try to conceive after 8 weeks medication . Now I’m in week 6 of my pregnancy! Thank god I finally got pregnant! Thank you very much Dr. Lee I’ll spread your product to my friends and later share the happiness with you after I delivery my baby! ”


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