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FDA Allows the Experimental Protocol for Coronavirus: Antibody Blood Plasma Therapy

Recently, the FDA of the United States Food and Drug Administration updated the experimental program of new crown therapy, adding antibody blood plasma therapy. This therapy refers to the treatment method of extracting plasma from the cured patients with coronavirus and transferring it to the patients, because the cured patients have produced antibodies against coronavirus, and will not be infected with coronavirus in a short period of time.
After the plasma is transferred into the patients, it may also help the patients to produce the same antibodies to resist the virus. However, the therapy has not been clinically validated, and the FDA only approves the use of plasma therapy in case of a serious life-threatening emergency.
Many hospitals and research teams in China have adopted this therapy as early as February, and have achieved quite good therapeutic effects. Among them, the plasma therapy research team of new coronary pneumonia convalescent patients adopted by Sinopharm China biology has treated nearly 50 severe patients in Wuhan, and six patients have been discharged, most of them have improved, and will be discharged in succession in the near future.
Data show that donating plasma once can save 2-3 patients with coronavirus. In addition, some studies have shown that normal human plasma can also play a preventive role, but the FDA explicitly prohibits its use for any preventive purpose.
Shanghai Pasteur Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in ShanghI also told the media before that although serum therapy can be more effective in fighting against or prevent diseases caused by viruses or bacteria, the serum composition is complex, and there is uncertainty about whether it will cause other problems.
Moreover, the time ratio of its existence is relatively short, and the number of serum needed is relatively large. But through modern methods, we can get the whole human monoclonal antibody sequence, which can effectively neutralize the virus by analyzing the blood of the cured person so as to treat and prevent the occurrence of diseases caused by the virus.
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