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WHO is about to Release an Application to Assist in the Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus
According to foreign media reports, in order to cope with coronavirus better for people from all over the world, WHO will launch an official application for coronavirus in the coming weeks, called WHO MyHealth, which will have iOS, Android and Internet versions.
It was learned that in addition to consultants and masters from WHO, employees from technology giants Google and Microsoft also participated in the project. Because the application is open-source, the code is available to the public.
Application screenshot:

The app will deliver the same information provided by who on its official WhatsApp robot, including useful tips, telling users what to do if they think they may be infected with the new coronavirus, etc.
Future versions may be more helpful because they provide real-time alerts based on the location of the user. In the future, the app can be used to track confirmed cases, access their location history, and attempt to perform contact tracking.
This information can be used to better understand how the virus spreads in a community, but all at the expense of privacy: using existing technologies such as Google maps to allow users to indicate whether they have been diagnosed or contacted with patients with the new coronavirus.
In addition, the request allows tracking of historical location data on the device. However, it is only a suggestion. Unless explicitly allowed by the user, the app will not track itself.
Another interesting thing about this app is the technology. The app was developed with flutter, Google's new SDK, which allows developers to write an app and publish it on the iPhone, Android, and the Internet, as well as the exciting operating system that is about to replace Android: fuchsia.
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