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Can Coronavirus Be Sexually Transmitted?

At present, there is no evidence that coronavirus can be sexually transmitted. China molecular biologist novel coronavirus pneumonia in 35 women genital mutilation of new female medRxiv infected with new crown pneumonia has been found in a new article published in the medical preprint magazine.
"Novel coronavirus receptor ACE2 is not found in human organs," the researchers said. Our observation shows that the new coronavirus does not pass from female to male. On the other hand, we can't rule out the spread of new coronaviruses in other ways when they come into contact. "
Recently, COVID-19, which appears in many countries novel coronavirus, may spread not only through air droplets but also sexually transmitted. Researchers at Wuhan University of science and technology tested the claim.
The researchers pointed out that the new coronavirus does not spread sexually, but this does not affect the spread of the virus through other channels, such as droplet transmission or gastrointestinal transmission, which can explain why except for one couple, other couples did not have a relationship during the incubation period, but about half of the infected female spouses were still infected.
Another study found novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus in semen was not detected in 34 prospective male cohort patients with newly diagnosed pneumonia (COVID-19). The results of single-cell sequencing showed that ACE2 and TMPRSS2, the new coronavirus invading cell receptors, were sparsely expressed in human testicular cells.

It was initially determined that transmission through semen or sexual contact was unlikely. It should be noted that men in the study are usually tested a few weeks after acute infection, and some patients have only mild symptoms. It can be imagined that at an earlier time point or higher viral load may lead to different results.
However, considering the normal cycle of spermatogenesis and delivery, the possibility seems to be small. The conclusion of this paper is of great significance to reproductive health and global public health issues involved in the global epidemic.
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