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Expert Suggests that Large Dose of Vitamin D Can Be Applied in the Prevention and Treatment of Coron

The infection of coronavirus has brought many inconveniences to our lives. To avoid infection and reduce outgoing, house, or home, quarantine is the main way of life. In this case, in addition to strict protection, we should also pay close attention to the effect of nutritional health on the improvement and enhancement of immunity.
Coronavirus infection is being actively and actively supplemented by vitamin D, immune function, and disease resistance. It is probably a very important choice before and without any specific vaccine or effective antiviral drugs.
Studies have shown that maintaining blood vitamin D level above 95nmol/l can reduce hair coloring rate by two times. Through the basic research of molecular biology laboratory, the scientists have also mastered the evidence of vitamin D against bacterial viruses and improving the body's resistance.
First of all, viruses (such as influenza viruses, coronaviruses, or viruses from animals) have a coating on their surface. The so-called coating is actually the umbrella of the virus, trying to help the virus escape the human body's defense system and enter human cells.
When there are external viruses or bacteria invading, vitamin D can mobilize human cells to secrete a kind of antimicrobial peptide, which is similar to broad-spectrum antibiotics, can destroy the envelope of the virus, thus destroying the virus, and play an antiviral role.
A coronavirus outbreak in the lung is probably the RNA virus in December 2019, according to a study published in the International Journal of Immunology (Int Immunopharmacol). This antimicrobial peptide may have therapeutic effects on RNA infection in the lungs.
Secondly, many cytokines in the human body have an anti-inflammatory effect, while vitamin D can improve the level of these cytokines so as to further enhance the resistance of the human body. At the same time, vitamin D has the function of regulating the immune system. Whether the immune system reacts to the outside world in a low or excessive way, vitamin D can be regulated by corresponding ways to keep the human body in a balanced state.
It is reasonable to believe that if we can fully understand the role of vitamin D in the fight against coronavirus, it may play an important role in enhancing the resistance of high-risk groups, reducing the infection rate and mortality rate.
Sardine, tuna, dried mushrooms, egg yolks, and animal viscera contain natural vitamin D in natural foods, which can be supplemented with targeted oils, especially salmon, sardines, tuna.
In order to meet the needs of the body, children, pregnant women, and the elderly can take vitamin D supplements under the guidance of doctors. The highest tolerable intake of vitamin D was 20-50 μg/day. Vitamin D synthesized by sun irradiation on skin has a self limitation, which is not excessive in general, but it is possible to take excessive supplements.
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