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Coronavirus Has Been Found in Semen Samples

According to media reports, when the coronavirus enters the human body, it seems to reach organs other than the lungs, kidney, heart, liver, and stomach. At present, according to the latest research, researchers found the virus in semen.
The findings do not mean that the coronavirus in semen will spread further through sexual contact, scientists said in the issue of the American Medical Association Open Journal published on May 7th.
It is reported that the study involved 38 male testers who were positive for the coronavirus and had symptoms related to the coronavirus infection or recovered soon in the near future. The tester provided semen samples, and doctors analyzed whether there was a coronavirus in the semen samples.
The researchers detected coronavirus in the semen samples of six subjects, accounting for 16% of the total test. Four of the patients had symptoms of coronavirus infection, and the other two recovered recently.
It is worth noting that although the researchers detected the genetic material of the coronavirus in semen, they did not prove that the virus particles had "viral activity" or could spread.
Stanley Perlman, Professor of Microbiology, immunology and pediatrics at the University of Iowa, said: "This is an interesting discovery, but it needs to be further verified that there are infectious viruses in semen, which are not only virus products in semen."
In addition, it is not clear how long the coronavirus remains in semen, as the test subjects still show symptoms of infection with the coronavirus, or recover only recently. It is understood that the semen samples of the two recovered patients tested positive, but they were in good condition two to three days before the samples were provided.
More importantly, other studies have not found coronavirus in patients who have been recovering for a long time. According to the times, there is a great possibility of spreading coronavirus during sexual intercourse, mainly through close contact and inhalation of droplets, rather than through semen.
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