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Severe Coronavirus Are Putting Children at Great Risk with Comorbidities

In New York, 73 children have shown symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, and a 5-year-old child died.
The coronavirus seems to be less susceptible to infection since the outbreak of the syndrome in the past few months. However, on Friday (8 local times), York State Governor Andrew Cuomo warned at a press conference that there are disturbing signs that this may not be entirely true.
A five-year-old boy in York City may die Thursday from a mysterious complication of the coronavirus, Como said at a news conference on the 8th. He said the York State Department of Health is investigating several other similar cases to determine whether they were caused by the coronavirus. At present, 73 children in York state have similar symptoms.
The boy is the first known death in York City related to mysterious comorbidities similar to Kawasaki disease, the York Times reported on Thursday. Such comorbidities have only begun in recent weeks in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Spain.
Kawasaki disease is a kind of vasculitis syndrome, also known as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. The high incidence age is children under 5 years old, accompanied by fever, rash and gland swelling.
According to reports, the above complications are similar to Kawasaki disease, such as persistent fever, eruption, toxic shock syndrome, etc. many experts pointed out that it may be related to the coronavirus, and called it children's multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Some children may not appear related symptoms until 4 to 6 weeks after infection with the coronavirus.

Reuters reported earlier that during the outbreak, children under the age of 9 in northern Italy had severe cases similar to Kawasaki disease. Matteo Ciuffreda, a paediatric cardiologist at Giovanni 23 hospital in Italy, said more than 20 cases of severe vascular inflammation had been found in a hospital in the northern Italian city of Bergamo in the past month. Ciuffreda said only a small number of infants with vasculitis tested positive for the coronavirus.
At the same time, similar situations have emerged in Britain and Spain. Stephen Bowis, NHS medical director, said at the time that he was fully investigating whether the symptom was related to the coronavirus.
New York State officials of the health department said in a report sent to the medical service system Monday that 15 people aged 2-15 years in York City had been hospitalized in the past three weeks due to complications related to the coronavirus, most of whom were positive for the coronavirus test or positive for the anti physical examination, CNN News reported.

According to the Xinhua news agency, there is no evidence that the coronavirus can cause the syndrome. Because not all of the children with the syndrome tested positive for coronavirus, researchers are looking at a link between the two.
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