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A 12-year-old Girl Was Diagnosed With Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Which Was Related To Her Mother
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological disease in women who have active sexual life. But there is also an exception.
According to a report, a 12-year-old girl was sent to hospital due to severe abdominal pain. Then she was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease and had to surgically remove one side of the fallopian tube, which astonished many people.
In fact, the girl has no congenital abnormality or sexual life, so what caused that?
The doctor pointed out that the girl's mother should take the responsibility. She was diagnosed with vaginitis, which is an inflammation in the vagina, and then received simple treatment. She once stopped the treatment after feeling a little better, and has never done any reexamination since that. What's more, the woman's and her daughter's underpants were often put together, and the girl even worn the woman’s underwear several times.

The doctor said it could be the mother's pathogen attached to the underwear that caused cross infection. Besides, the girl has a long menstrual period and she always pays little attention to personal hygiene during her periods, which can make bacteria massively reproduce with menstrual blood as the carrier, thus leading to the formation of pus accumulation and causing pelvic inflammatory disease.
Many people criticized the girl's mother, saying that a parent must take the responsibility of educating and protecting her daughter. Indeed, as a mother, she needs to teach her daughter some physiological and hygienic knowledge in advance, so that the girl can correctly face her physiological changes and calmly deal with some sudden symptoms during her adolescence.
Personal hygiene should be emphasized as well. Parents should lead by example and develop good living habits such as cleaning the genitals and change underwear every day. Personal underwear should be washed separately. To better protect the whole family, parents can do regular check-ups with their kids.
If pelvic inflammatory disease is left untreated or not treated thoroughly, it will unknowingly get worse and affect your close people. When you have pelvic inflammation, your family may be at a risk of having it. So it’s the whole family’s duty to fight against the disease.
They should control their sexual life, pay attention to personal hygiene, and most importantly, get treated in time. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a wise option for female friends, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and regulate menstruation, and can help treat the tubal blockage caused by pelvic inflammation.
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