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Fibroids Unexpectedly Cleared up by Fuyan Pill as Well as Endometriosis

Amanda had been diagnosed with endometriosis while she was undergoing a surgery for removing fibroids. Unfortunately her endometriosis couldn’t be removed by surgery and fibroid recurred after 2 years.

By the time she visited my clinic she had a 3 cm fibroid accompanying endometriosis. She was experiencing pain caused by endometriosis but wasn’t aware of the fibroid at all till I asked her to do an ultrasound.

As Fuyan Pill only work well on endometrial disorders including endometriosis, adenomyosis, and endometrial hyperplasia, I had to let her know that the fibroid may still exist even she finish the treatment as I recommend.

“It’s ok Dr. Lee. Clearing up the pain would be quite good,” she said, “I’ve been upset because of the pain. As for the fibroid, maybe I’ll get it removed by surgery when it starts bother me one day.”

“Some of our patients have reported that their fibroid size reduced after taking the pills but some see no change at all,” I explained. “Then let’s hope for the good result,” she replied.

Like expected, her pain reduced after about one month pills and disappeared after only 11 weeks. “Should I continue and take 4th month pills?” Amanda asked. “I suggest you to retest after you finish 3th month pills and then we can decide if you need more. But remember you should keep the diet as required before we make the decision.” I said.

Soon afterwards she emailed me showing me her result and I found that her fibroid had reduced and was almost gone. “It seems that Fuyan Pill has been working on the fibroid and it’s very tiny now. Do you want to get rid of it? I believe 2 more months pills with Fuyan Pill can do.”

“Absolutely,” Amanda said, “I’ve never expected this, please I want two more months pills and I really trust you Dr. Lee. I’ll do as you suggest. ”

Three months later I got her email with very short message, “Dr. Lee I’ve got my MRI and ultrasound result which all came out good. No fibroid and all is well. Thank you for all that you’ve done.”

Even it was short, I could still sense her happiness. I was happy for her.


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