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What Sparks Off Persistent Dysmenorrhea In Females?
Menstrual cramps are already painful, and when they are frequent or persistent, females will be even more painful. In order to reduce the amount of pain they have to endure, women need to actively prevent and treat the causes of persistent menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea.


What sparks off persistent dysmenorrhea in females?

1. Reproductive malformation: Mechanical obstruction such as excessive anteversion of uterus and vaginal septum can make the flow of menstrual blood blocked. Hemorrhage induces dysmenorrhea.
2. Adenomyosis: Endometrium invades the myometrium wall, which is a special type of endometriosis. Dysmenorrhea is its main manifestation, and has the characteristic of progressive aggravation.
3. Endometriosis: Commonly speaking, because the endometrium runs to a place outside the uterus and "sets up camps", and due to the affection by ovarian hormone,  it becomes thickened and leads to bleeding and stimulation. Then it will cause uterine muscle contraction or tissue fibrosis and induces dysmenorrhea.

4. Pelvic inflammatory disease: It will lead to persistent pain in the lower abdomen, which can be radiated to the waist, and sometimes accompanied by a feeling of anal swelling. The manifestations of the disease are different.
Generally, patients in milder cases are asymptomatic, while patients in serious cases have more increased leucorrhea, accompanied by frequent urination, heat, lumbosacral pain, pain during intercourse, and so on. Due to the pelvic congestion, it can even lead to tubal adhesion and obstruction, thus leading to infertility. As a result, it needs to be paid attention to.
5. Other factors: Mental factors, menstrual vigorous activity, less attention paid to wind and cold, endocrine disorders, and unhealthy diet can cause dysmenorrhea for a long time.
Persistent dysmenorrhea caused by diseases needs timely treatment. For common female problems such as adenomyosis, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, etc., Fuyan Pill is recommended. This is a very useful herbal medicine product. It is made of more than fifty kinds of Chinese herbal medicine. It is non-toxic and harmless without side effects.
Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other similar conditions, if left untreated for a long time, can lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes, causing infertility in women. While taking Fuyan Pill can help them improve pelvic health, dredge the blocked fallopian tubes, enhance the body's immunity, so that they get recovered faster.
In addition to timely treatment, women should also care about their own physiological problems. Dysmenorrhea is a common problem during menstruation. So menstrual women need to pay more attention to it in daily life.
Menstrual women are very fragile, and they are very vulnerable to outside bacteria. So women should pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid sex at the same time.

Women should pay more attention to rest, do not engage in excessive physical labor, and do not stay up late, to ensure adequate sleep.
A healthy body cannot be separated from a healthy diet. During menstruation, women should pay attention to avoid spicy food, do not smoke or drink alcohol. Eating more vegetables and fruits and drinking more milk are good for your health.
Also, keeping a good attitude is very important. Women should guard against arrogance and rashness, and avoid anger. Stay positive and smile.

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