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When Men Are Suspected Of Infertility, What Examination Can Be Taken?
Newborns are gifts from the heaven. Their birth is a very long experience. If anything goes wrong in this process, the child will not be born easily.
Infertility problems in female friends are very common, but man's issues are also noteworthy. If you can't have a child for a long time, there may be something wrong with your fertility. So what examination can be recommended for men with infertility?

1. Semen examination
Semen routine examination is a basic and indispensable examination for male friends.  The couple should not have sexual intercourse for 3 to 5 days before the examination. The basic situation of sperm can be understood through the seminal parameters obtained from examination.
2. Seminal plasma biochemical examination
Seminal plasma biochemical examination can help doctors understand the prostate, epididymis and seminal vesicle function. When the patient has less semen, weak sperm, unexplained sperm motility decrease and other symptoms, this examination is available.
3. Genetic examination
This is primarily a genetic examination linked to male infertility, in which the chromosome genes are examined. There are many tests included, which involve sex differentiation, physical genetic defects, family history of genetic diseases, habitual abortion and other aspects.
4. Urine and prostate examination
Urinary system infection and reproductive system infection are important causes of male infertility. For male patients with fertility problem, urine and prostate test are extremely needed. For example, prostatitis can easily cause non-liquefaction of semen, which can limit sperm's ability to move and ultimately prevent it from attaching to an egg, thus resulting in infertility. In addition to the urinary system examination, the patient should also check the spermatic cord and seminal vesicle.
5. Endocrine hormone examination in the reproductive system
Various hormones in the male body play a vital regulatory role in various reproductive activities. Measuring these hormones is an effective way to determine male reproductive function, which will be helpful for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.
To all intents and purposes, male infertility can be caused by many diseases, including testicular dysfunction, testicular atrophy, varicocele, prostatitis, epididymitis, vas deferens obstruction and so on.
Some physical damages related to male infertility need to be improved by surgery, and some inflammations like prostatitis and epididymitis can be cured by medication. The herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended in this situation, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and improve the male urogenital system.
You need to remember that what caused those diseases and infertility are usually some bad habits in daily life. Therefore, male friends should pay attention to their living habits and eating habits. Avoiding drinking, smoking, staying up late, having excessive sex and eating too much spicy food are needed. They should eat more fruits and vegetables, and do more exercise to improve their physical health.
At times, the infertility cause in some male individuals is difficult to figure out, so more examinations are needed. In this situation, patients should have a positive attitude and actively cooperate with doctors during the treatment.
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