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Tips For Women At Advanced Age To Prepare For Pregnancy
As we all know, older mothers have to face a lot of risks of pregnancy and childbirth. Not only do you have to endure the hardships of pregnancy, but you also have to worry about the health of the baby. If a woman is over the age of 35 and giving birth, there are some information that you should know about pregnancy planning.
What are the things that women at advanced age should pay special attention to?

1. They are prone to abortion.
After women over the age of 35 become pregnant, fetal development needs may not be met due to their uterine conditions. Compared with younger female friends, older women are prone to abortion, which should be paid special attention to during the pregnancy.
2. They recover slowly after giving birth.
Most older women choose caesarean sections, and they have a longer recovery process after a C-section. If an infection occurs during this period, it will only delay the recovery, and the older you are, the slower the recovery will be.
3. Fetal malformation
As female friends are older, their body's functions are gradually declining, and the egg quality are also reduced. If a disease strikes, the egg quality will be greatly reduced. If it is implanted with sperm, the fetus will be more likely to be deformed and the female may give birth to a child with low intelligence.
4. Difficult labour
As women get older, their pelvis is basically set and their joints are stiff, causing vaginal dilation and contraction to be less flexible.  As a result, women at advanced age with pregnancy are prone to difficult labour.

To avoid these problems mentioned above, what should they do? There are some tips for your reference.
1. Change bad living habits
Bad living habits like smoking and drinking must be given up. Besides, you should live a regular life and don't stay up late. Bad habits can cause fetal deformity and affect the female normal conception. When you're ready to give birth, be sure to develop good habits that are responsible for you and your baby's health.
2. Stay positive
Women at advanced age may put a lot of pressure on themselves when preparing for pregnancy, which makes it even harder for them to conceive. Mental stress is an invisible barrier, so you must overcome these psychological factors with a positive attitude towards the arrival of the new life. By staying positive, getting enough sleep and creating a good environment for yourself, you will be able to improve your chances of conceiving.
3. Physical examination before conception
Early detection of diseases that may affect conception is essential. For example, the pelvic inflammatory disease is a common problem that makes females infertile. In this case, you can take the herbal remedy Fuyan Pill to get it solved. It is safe and effective with no side effects, so it can be a guarantee of your conception.

4. Supplement folic acid in time
Female friends can supplement folic acid in time to avoid anemia during pregnancy. Older women who are pregnant can eat more green vegetables in their daily life, or take folic acid tablets under the guidance of a doctor, which can ensure a healthy baby.

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