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What Invites Pain In The Testicular Ducts?
Pain in the testicular ducts is generally due to the presence of inflammation in the testicular ducts. After the bacterial infection of the male reproductive system occurs, it will incur seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis. 
Pain in the testicular ducts causes many men to suffer a lot, and it can have a serious impact on male health and even cause male infertility. Therefore, men should be aware of the occurrence of pain in the testicular ducts. Commonly, the pain in the testicular ducts can be invited by the following factors.
Hematogenous infection: The testicular ducts artery starts from the internal iliac artery to the bottom of the bladder with two ascending and descending branches. The ascending branches follow the testicular ducts through the inguinal canal to the testis, which are anastomosis with the testicular artery, and the descending branches reaching the ampullary and seminal vesicle of the testicular ducts.
Lymphatic infection: The upper part of the lymphatic vasculature is connected with the spermatic lymphatic vessel, and the lower part is anastomosed with the seminal vesicle lymphatic vessel. Inflammation of adjacent organs often invades the testicular ducts through the lymphatic vessel and invites vasculitis.
Chronic vasculitis: The scrotum on the affected side is swollen or red swelled, and the pain radiates to the abdominal and thigh roots. Its clinical symptom is lighter than acute testicular duct inflammation, often accompanied by orchitis or epididymitis. 
Surgical incision infection: Because of the lack of disinfection before and after the sterilization of men, or the bacterial infection caused by the operation, it directly causes the vasectomy inflammation, and thus involves the related reproductive organs.
To stay away from the injury of the disease, male friends in daily life should pay attention to diet and living habits, such as avoiding eating spicy stimulating products and drinking, avoiding the endogenous source of damp and heat of the lower body cold, excessive sex, urination and other factors that can easy to cause sympathetic nerve excitement and induced dysuria.
Luckily, herbal medicine can be recommended for patients with these problems. For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains blood-activating materials, such as the peach kernel, which can ameliorate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. 
The herbal medicine can also effectively relieve the pain caused by bacteria in the reproductive system, the irritation of the bladder, and the urination. Besides, it features no side effects or drug resistance, so you can count on it.
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