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What Should The Elderly With Impotence Do?
Although older people have sex less often than younger people do, they also need some sex to spice up their daily lives.
When the elderly suffer from impotence, some will choose to ignore it, because they think it is not necessary, while others will still feel anxious and annoyed, and they hope to solve the problem in time. So what should the impotent elderly do?

the elderly and impotence
To begin with, make clear the cause that makes you impotent. Usually, three aspects should be noted.
1. The blood vessels in the body became diseased
Many middle-aged and elderly men, due to age, physical quality of some reasons, will unconsciously suffer from some diseases, like diabetes or some vascular diseases, which will cause the body's blood vessels to produce some lesions, hardening, occlusion and other symptoms, thus resulting in the emergence of impotence. Because blood doesn't flow to that area properly, the elderly men will fail to have normal sex.
Besides, there are some urogenital infections that the elderly men tend to suffer from, ranging over prostatitis, orchitis, seminal vesiculitis and so on. These problems, if left untreated for too long, will also lead to sexual dysfunctions, making them impotent. In this regard, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is fit for the treatment and it doesn't lead to side effects, so it is a greatly safe option for the elderly.
2. Some psychological factors make trouble.
People will accept the aging in the end, especially to a certain age, before they take action, they will mentally feel that they are not good enough. Some adverse psychological factors will affect people's action power. At this time, a positive mood is very important. Thinking that you can do something often gives you a lot of confidence. Also, the wife had better not blame each other. Encouragement and understanding are important for the couple to build up the family harmony.

3. Physical fitness goes under.
This is a normal phenomenon, after all, the age is irreversible. But that doesn't mean that older people are necessarily in worse health than younger people. Good health requires diet and exercise. In daily life, the elderly should avoid drinking alcohol, which is a bad habit that can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gout, urogenital inflammations and so on. Also, for smokers, quitting smoking is as necessary as the quitting drinking.
For the elderly, those with good diets can be 3 times as health as the normal people. Generally, they should eat more light foods that are easy to digest, and foods with low salt, low sugar, low fat, and so on. Recommended foods range over pumpkin seeds, bean curd skin, dried shrimp, seaweed, black sesame and foods with high-quality protein, and drink more milk.
Besides, for the elderly, tai chi, square dancing and yoga are suitable physical exercises, which should be done more in daily life. I wish you all a long and healthy life.

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