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Endometrial Hyperplasia in Young Girl Cured by Fuyan Pill

Miss Lee is a 19 year-old college student, diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia

She had got very severe symptoms cause the bleeding never had ended. Menstrual blood keep bleeding and the volume is large in the week that suppose to be menstrual period, even the volume reduces in other days. She had been suffering from it for almost 6 years. She had taken many treatment with western medicines, and the menstruation seems to be normal for a while, but the symptoms recurreed again and again. She also had taken western and Chinese medicine together to treat it, but the result was still as above.

Then she suffered for that for another 2 years till she found my treatment. She was diagnosed with a endometrium thicken disease with the thickness 2.9cm by that time.

Once she got to my clinic and took Fuyan Pill under my instruction for a month. Surprisingly the period lasted for 20 days, and then it ended. The thickness of the endometrium reduced to 2.7cm. In the 2nd month, her menstrual period lasted for only 10 days. And it was 8 days in the 3rd month, 7 days in the 4th month and 5 days in the 5th month with a normal volume. The thickness of the endometrium was 1.3cm after she finished 5 months medication. She require to keep on the medication for another 3 months to consolidate in case endometrial hyperplasia recurs.


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