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Why Does Insobriety Cause Impotence In Men?
As for men in life and work, there will be some occasions that require you to drink alcohol. Having a glass of wine or two now and then won't make a big difference to your health. But if you have long-term insobriety due to the alcohol, your body will go wrong to some extent. In serious case, you may have impotence.
So why does insobriety cause impotence in men? Notice its effects on four aspects.

1. Effect on sex hormone metabolism
Levels of the androgen testosterone in the blood drop after heavy alcohol consumption, which is because alcohol blocks the production of testosterone. In addition, under the stimulation of alcohol, the metabolism of testosterone in the liver will also be accelerated, and it is easy to incur erectile dysfunction if you have sex at this time.
2. Effect on the vascular system
People who drink alcohol will feel the body warm and the skin is flushed, which is because a lot of blood concentrates in the brain and skin blood vessels. If you have sex at this time, it will be easy to incur erectile dysfunction because the sexual organs need enough blood to get an erection. When the fever has subsided, your body will feel cold, and having sex at this point will also be prone to erectile dysfunction because of insufficient blood supply.
3. Effect on the nervous system
After drinking, the brain is briefly stimulated, but then turns into a suppression mode. If the man who is in this short state of excitement have a hurry sexual intercourse, he will make the spouse dissatisfied because of rudeness, gaffes, sexual deviations after drinking. A state of nervous system depression due to control of sexual function will be more likely to cause impotence.
4. Effect on the urinary system
Excessive drinking stimulates the prostate gland in the urinary system, and makes it congested easily. A long-term congestion can lead to prostatitis, which will lead to sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation and impotence if left untreated for too long. At the same time, you will have pain when having sex, making the sexual life quality worse.

When you are bothered by impotence, there are some methods for you, like behavioral therapy, negative pressure erection therapy, vascular surgery and neurosurgical treatment.
Some impotence cases are caused by vascular disease, such as arterial insufficiency, abnormal vein, rob venous fistula and so on. So those patients usually need vascular surgery for an effective cure.
Suppose your condition is concerned with urogenital problems like prostatitis, you can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get an effective cure. It is a good herbal formula that can help you improve the blood and qi circulation, enhance the body immunity and reinforce the body self-repair ability.
By contrast with other chemical medicines and physical surgeries, it won’t lead to any side effects or adverse reactions. So it is safe and effective for the male urogenital health, and more and more patients choose the pill for treatment in clinical practice.

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