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To Prevent Inflammation, You Can't Wash Your Underpants Carelessly
Personal hygiene is a key factor affecting one's health. If you don't pay attention to personal hygiene, all kinds of bacteria can invade your body and cause inflammation or infection.
Clean underpants are an important part of personal hygiene. If you wear dirty underpants for a long time, you will be easily infected with germs, such as pelvic inflammation and other gynecological diseases. While you can solve these problems with Fuyan Pill.
Of course, no one wants to get sick and pay for the costly treatment. And to prevent inflammation, you can't be too careless when handling your underpants. So, what should you do?

1. It is suggested that you change your underpants every day. When you take a bath, you can wash the underpants at the same time, and then put it on the balcony to dry. Don't wash it every few days, or it will get germs.
2. It is suggested that you wash your underpants with your hands instead of the laundry or washing machine. Through the machine, other bacteria can spread to the underpants when washing together. Hand washing is a little cleaner and only takes about two minutes each time. Instead of using bath soap, you need to use special laundry soap for a cleaner wash.
3. Direct exposure is unfit for the just washed underpants. It should be dried in a cool place before being disinfected in the sun. Otherwise, the underpants will be easy to get hard and deformed.
4. Don't put the dried underpants in the closet. You should wrap, seal and store them in the refrigerator. Such underpants wear cool and dry.
5. When cleaning underpants, the lotion must be soapy water, and the utensils should be special, and it is better to use cold water.
6. Washing powder has strong alkalinity. If not properly washed, the alkaline material left on the underpants can destroy the weak acid environment in the genitals and lead to bacterial growth. So you should wash carefully and make sure the powder has been totally washed away.
7. If you tend to use washing machine, make sure the disinfection of the machine is well done before you wash your underpants. So you should clean your washing machine on a regular basis just like your wash your clothes. Besides, public furniture with a lot of other bacteria can easily get on your underpants, so all related furniture and appliances should be cleaned regularly.
8. Every time you wash your underpants, boil them in hot water for 15 minutes, which can better kill bacteria and viruses.

9. Avoid wash your underpants with socks together. Socks are easy to carry mold, and if mixed with underpants, they will spread mold to your underpants. And not all washing powder or lotions can help you clean away these bacteria completely. So your underpants should be cleaned alone.
10. You should avoid contacting other people's underpants, which may easily cause cross-infection.
11. Ultraviolet light is a good natural disinfection system, so that it is better to get your underpants exposed to the sun. If it is rainy or cloudy, you can use an iron, dryer, or hair dryer to keep the underpants out of damp. It is not suitable to air your underpants in the bathroom in ordinary times.

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