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Wrong Methods Of Contraception Can Easily Lead To Unwanted Pregnancy
Contraception is important for women who don't plan to have children at the moment. If the husband and wife do not want to have children, they need to do a good job of contraception, otherwise it is very easy to cause unwanted pregnancy.
Do not feel that you are infertile constitution, and no contraception does not matter. It's easy to get caught in a lucky trap. Therefore, women must emphasize contraception, and correct the wrong methods of contraception in daily life.
Notice the following wrong contraception methods.

1. Taking contraceptives for a long time
The contraceptive pill has the effect of preventing pregnancy. Although the so-called contraceptive effect is good, but please watch out its side effects, and do not take it for a long time.
Emergency contraceptives contain large amounts of estrogen, and eating too much of these drugs can affect hormone levels, leading to endocrine problems, menstrual problems, and ovarian symptoms.
Also, if you often take contraceptives, your estrogen in the body get disordered, the probability of obesity will become particularly large. And it is easy to cause acne, and your menstruation will become irregular, such as not coming for a long time, which will affect the body's detoxification.
2. Have sexual life during the safe period
Safe period is the period that women do not ovulate. Time other than menstruation and ovulation belongs to safe period. Many people think that if they have sex without ovulation, they won't get pregnant.
Generally, pregnancy requires the union of sperm and egg. Without egg release, pregnancy is impossible. Therefore, women who do not have a family plan and do not want to use condoms to have sex eventually choose to have sex during the safe period.

But safe period won't work 100% well. Because every woman's physical condition is different, the menstrual cycle is not always regular. Some females periods are particularly irregular, sometimes not coming for months, sometimes coming twice a month.
Irregular menstruation will affect the calculation of the safe period, and miscalculation of the safe period may lead to the failure of contraception, thus leading to unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, safe period contraception is not totally reliable, do not rely too much on this method.
What’s more, there are a lot of reasons for menstrual cycle changes, such as being staying up late for a long time, or taking some drugs, or catching a cold, and so on, all of which will lead to menstrual disorders.
Once menstrual disorders occur, it will affect the calculation of safe period and increase the probability of contraceptive failure. So before you adopt the safe period contraception, you should improve your daily life habits as well. 
Moreover, long-term bad lifestyles will lead to some genitourinary diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, which can affect the female fertility if left untreated for too long. In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get the disease well solved. This is a natural herbal formula that won’t result in any side effects. So it is a safe and effective method for women. 

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