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How To Choose Men's Underpants?
Underpants are indispensable clothing for everyone. Comfort and cleanliness are the most important. How to choose men's underpants?

1. Style of underpants
There are triangles, boxers and T-shaped underpants. The underpants of general triangle suit the boys that like sports, while boxer underpants are suitable for sedentary office workers and drivers as well as men with thicker legs. Generally, boxer underpants can provide a relatively suitable temperature for the testicles, which can make the quality of sperm more guaranteed, so that they are the first choice for men.
2. Material of underpants
Commonly, underpants are made of cotton, lycra, or bamboo charcoal fiber. Cotton materials have good moisture absorption and air permeability, but are less prone to drying. Bamboo charcoal fiber has the effect of eliminating odor. Good underpants usually feature good water absorption and good air permeability. So cotton underpants are the best choice for men.
3. Color of underpants
Underpants have a variety of colors, and generally light underpants are better. Because rubber accelerators are often used to make lower-quality, inexpensive underwear dyes. In this case, black underpants may be not that hygienic, which may be more likely to cause contact allergies.
4. Size of underpants
It's not about the fact that the looser the better, but it's about selecting the right size for you. When the underpants you wear don't wrinkle or be close to the body, that is the right size.

Wearing good underpants can help you maintain better personal hygiene and prevent infection, while also allowing you to live more comfortably. Care about your underpants in daily life. If you pay less attention to this problem, you may tend to have infection due to poor personal hygiene, thus leading to problems like prostatitis, which, by the way, can be solved by the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
In daily life, as you know, underpants are more close-fitting clothes, which should be placed in special washbasin or utensils.  If the underpants are washed in the washing machine, there will be other bacteria attached to the underpants. So it is better to wash them by hand.
Do not directly expose washed underpants. It should be dried in a cool place before being disinfected in the sun. Otherwise, the underpants are easy to get hard and deformed. What’s more, in order to maintain personal hygiene, it is recommended that you change your underpants every day. And every three to six months, you may need to buy new underpants to replace the old ones.
Details determine success or failure, and hygiene determines health or sickness. So don't take these questions and the above advice lightly. Wish you health and happiness.

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