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Why Do You Need To Eat More Loofahs In Summer?
As the rainy weather recede, sunny days becomes the leading actor, meaning a sweltering summer is on the way. Many people enjoy the scenery and enthusiasm of summer, but others hate the heat of summer.
In the hot summer, many fruits and melons will be ready to be harvested. Vegetables such as bitter gourd, cucumber and loofahs are very suitable for cooling down. Many experts suggest that you need to eat more loofahs in summer. So what's the role of eating loofahs in summer?

As for summer, it is really hot and sweltering, and loofah helps you to cool down. Because loofah is a kind of cool food, which can help the body clear heat, have a diuretic effect, and help you prevent heatstroke to some extent.
Among the rich elements in loofah, vitamin C is a very important one. So eating some loofahs can speed up the release of liver endotoxin, which is a good way to prevent the liver from accumulating too much toxin and causing discomfort.
The loofah is also suitable for pregnant women. For new mothers who don't have much milk, eating loofahs is a good option. Maybe you don't know this. How come eating loofahs increases milk? Doctors point out that because loofah contains a lot of vitamin B, which can help pregnant women improve the producing of milk. It's a more natural milk booster than a nutritious formula, which is fit for new mothers.
The loofah can also help you to better digest the accumulation of food so that the stool can be better excluded, thus promoting intestinal peristalsis. So for those who have intestinal problems or are often constipated, the loofah is also a good choice.

Recommended recipe for loofah
1. Stir-Fried Loofah with Garlic.
Ingredients: One loofah, one garlic, some salt and oil.
Practice: Peel the loofah first, then wash it and cut it into small pieces. Stir-fry the garlic until fragrant, add the cut loofah and stir quickly, then add the appropriate amount of salt. Stir fry them until the loofah is soft and cooked.
2. Loofah with scrambled eggs.
Ingredients: loofah, egg, cooking oil and some cooking wine.
Practice: Peel, wash and slice the loofah. Beat eggs and add salt to stir. Add eggs and fry until done. Add the loofah and stir-fry until done. Add the scrambled egg again and quickly stir fry a few times.
Of course, the function and practice of loofah are far more than what we have talked about. If you are interested, you can consult us by email or seek information online. And you can also visit our website, check out the knowledge about eating and health, I believe you will gain something.

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