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Men Should Set Up A Scientific View Of Masturbation
It seems normal for men to masturbate frequently. In fact, excessive masturbation over a long period of time will bring a lot of harm to men, such as premature ejaculation. So what should men pay attention to in terms of masturbation?
For a lot of single young men, the lack of sexual life is perplexed and humbled already, in addition to relying on their hands to relieve the desire, there is basically no effective way. Though masturbation is helpful, don't do it too much, since excessive masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation in males.

Mr. Hint, 25, frequently masturbated when he was a teenager. Now he sometimes has a burning pain in the urethra, and occasionally has a white discharge when urinating. While these two symptoms are not very common.
His erectile function is very poor, when subjected to sexual stimulation, such as watching porn, imagine the scene of sex, the penis can not naturally erect. Only with the help of hand pressure can it be erected. The erection did not last long, feeling weak and lacking in power. There is serious premature ejaculation. At the beginning of the sex almost half a year time, he can not make love well so that his girlfriend has never had an orgasm.
Clinical premature ejaculation is a common result of frequent masturbation. And it is believed that many men have a history of masturbation. After too much masturbation, the male genitalia because of the sensitivity of the dorsal nerve of the penis will not be able to last for a certain period.
Masturbating too much can also lead to some urinary infections like prostatitis. In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure, which is also a good medicine to help male friends improve premature ejaculation caused by prostatitis. It won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance, so you can totally rely on it.

Likewise importantly, men should set up a correct view of masturbation.
1. Correct understanding of sexual physiology and sexual psychology, understand the effect of masturbation on body and mind, eliminate the excessive fear and anxiety of masturbation.
2. Reduce sexual stimulation, being less exposure to pornography or sexual content of books, films and television works. Talk about other topics rather than sexual ones.
3. Keep a regular life, work and rest on time, do not lie in, reduce the chance of sexual impulse in bed.
4. Reduce the frequency of masturbation step by step in accordance with the principle of incrementalism. Use your mind and will to control your sex drive step by step. The reduced number of times as a success will strengthen your will to improve your confidence of controlling masturbation.

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