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Five Beneficial Exercise to Improve Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is a common male disease. The incidence of premature ejaculation is closely related to spirit, emotion, and psychology. Excessive excitement, tension, depression, anxiety, and fear can result in premature ejaculation.
Many men have premature ejaculation, and there are many ways to treat it with different results. Men should figure out the cause before they receive treatment. 
For example, most people will take antibiotics when the premature ejaculation caused by prostatitis, or orchitis. And many people are prone to choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat these conditions. It can improve the overall internal environment of the human genitourinary system, help clean the glandular duct, eliminate the lesions, and activate the blood circulation to achieve therapeutic purposes.
Besides, men c an also choose exercise to improve premature ejaculation without worrying about any side effects. 
There are five beneficial exercise for premature ejaculation:
The first exercise is jogging.
If you insist on jogging every day, it can improve premature ejaculation. Jogging can protect the health of the heart as well as improve physical quality. Studies have shown that men who jog regularly recover from premature ejaculation much better than those who do not jog.
The second exercise is sit-ups. 

The goal is to strengthen your waist. In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the waist is equal to the kidney, which also has a certain truth. The first reason is that if you have weak or poor psoas muscles, your sexual performance will decrease. The second reason is that there are two erection centers near the lumbar vertebrae and the sacral vertebrae. If there are abnormalities in both places, it can have an impact on your sexual performance.
The third exercise is the deep squat.
Squats are a must-do workout for health nut and are known as the king of strength training. They like to do squats to exercise their waist and hip muscles, and there may be other reasons they won't tell you. 
Squats can increase testosterone and hormone secretion, which can increase desire and promote erection. Squats also strengthen the heart and lungs, improve circulation, increase endurance, and fight fatigue. In addition, it works the lower back, hip, and leg muscles, which you will use when having sex.
The fourth exercise is PC muscle retraction exercises.
Your PC muscle is involved in the process of erection and ejaculation, So there are three benefits to exercising PC muscles. First of all, this exercise can effectively improve erection and increase hardness; Secondly, this exercise can prolong the time of intercourse. Clinical data shows that after a period of training, some people have longer sex.
Finally, this exercise can improve the pleasure of ejaculation. After the workout, when you ejaculate, your PC muscles will contract, which will give your pelvic system a more muscular stimulation.
The fifth exercise is deep yoga.

One of the reasons yoga can relieve premature ejaculation is because it uses pranayama. It is considered the best way to breathe. Breathing allows more oxygen to get into the cells, which in turn improves the nervous system. On top of that, yoga relieves anxiety. 
Premature ejaculation is often associated with stress during sex, so it is helpful to keep relaxed while having sex. Given that most premature ejaculation is psychological, using yoga can keep away from negative thoughts. It is an essential help in reducing the incidence of premature ejaculation.
Learning or choosing exercise therapies for premature ejaculation is an important thing. All patients can combine the physical and psychological benefits of exercise as a complementary therapy to treat.
Exercise can strengthen the body's function, which is helpful in the treatment of premature ejaculation. But it is worth noting that premature ejaculation can not only be treated by exercise but also need to cooperate with the doctor's treatment and always maintain a positive and happy mood.
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