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6 Behaviors May Bring Damage to Male Sperm
Sperm is the main material for reproduction. Testis produces sperm, and all the factors that affect testis will affect the production of sperm, thus affecting fertility. There are many reasons affecting sperm. Diseases such as orchitis, epididymitis, and prostatitis can lead to sperm problems.
For sperm problems caused by these diseases, drug treatment is the first priority. Men can also choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. It can solve sperm problems and treat these diseases without side effects. 
Besides, male bad behaviors can bring harms to the sperm. What are they?

1. Drinking alcohol
Most males like to drink, and occasionally drinking some low-strength alcohol or beer is fine. But if you drink a lot of alcohol for a long time, it will not only affect your health, but also affect the quality of sperm. Therefore, the males who are preparing for pregnancy must quit drinking. 
Alcoholism not only leads to reduced gonad function and abnormal chromosomes in sperm, but also leads to fetal malformations or poor development. Therefore, the habit of staying away from alcohol should be developed in teenagers. As an adult, even if you don’t stop drinking, you should be careful not to overdo it.
2. Smoking
We all know that smoking is very bad. People may think that smoking will only affect the health of the lungs. In fact, smoking will also affect the quality of sperm. If a man wants to have a healthy child, he must quit smoking before getting pregnant. Smoking and alcohol abuse are the biggest natural enemies of sperm. Some males are quite sensitive to the toxins in cigarettes, and the nicotine in cigarettes can kill sperm. Long-term smoking is one of the important factors leading to infertility.
3. Obesity
Men may not expect that obesity will also affect sperm quality. This is because obese men have more estrogen in their bodies, which will reduce the secretion of testosterone, and affect the production and quality of sperm. Men with heavier weight and larger waist circumference have a higher chance of developing oligospermia. Men with high body fat will seriously affect their reproductive ability. Too much fat will not only reduce the number of sperm or even no sperm, but also cause male erection difficulties and decreased testosterone secretion. If you want a healthy baby, you must first control your health and weight.
4. Insufficient nutrition
Picky eating will also affect sperm quality, because sperm production also requires a lot of nutrients. If a man's long-term nutritional intake is insufficient, especially zinc and vitamins, the quality of sperm will become worse. Just as the body needs food to grow, so does sperm growth. When the trace element zinc in the body cannot be in a balanced state, the number of sperm will drop by 30% to 40%, and even make people lose fertility.

5. Psychological status
Psychological factors will seriously affect the endocrine system of one's own body, mainly because the secretory system of nerves plays a vital role in gestation. If men usually have a lot of pressure in their work and life, they often have to stay up late. The long-term lack of sleep will also affect sperm quality, so men should learn to decompress and combine work with rest.
6. High temperature
Sperm is very sensitive to temperature. The process of sperm growth requires low temperature; otherwise, the sperm will die. When the temperature is too high, the sperm will expand to dissipate the area. And when it is cold, it will wrinkle to reduce the heat dissipation area, so as to keep the temperature of the scrotum lower than the abdominal cavity. If a man has the habit of taking hot baths, it can reduce the number of sperm and cause infertility.
The above phenomena and behaviors may invisibly pose a great threat to male sperm health. To ensure the quality of sperm, males must develop a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke or drink, and do not consume too many high-fat foods. Obese men must lose weight in time, and daily diet nutrition must be balanced and increased appropriately. The intake of fruits, vegetables and seafood will greatly help improve the quality of male sperm. People should pay attention to their own reproductive health care in life. Only in this way can the health of sperm be better protected.
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