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How to Deal with Frequently Get Up in the Evening?
Frequent urination in the evening is common for many people. But do you know the reason?

1. Physiological factors
Frequently getting up in the evening is a common situation. In a nutshell, the situation is that we drink a lot of water before going to bed or when sleeping, or eating porridge, drinking coffee, drinking strong tea and eating like a watermelon to help the increased amount of urination.
2. Mental factors

Compared with nocturia related to mental factors, physiological nocturia belongs to an abnormal situation.
Getting up at night is caused by excessive tension of people's spirit, and too much work pressure and life pressure, etc. Furthermore, the mental excitement caused by too much exercise before going to bed is also related to getting up frequently in the evening..
3. Pathological factors
Cystitis: the bladder is the place where urine is stored. Once the bladder has a problem and cannot accommodate enough urine, then people will often want to urinate. And once the bladder is inflamed, urine may not be completely discharged, leading to people wanting to urinate again over a period of time.
Prostate problems: many middle-aged men are disturbed by prostate diseases, especially prostatitis. When prostatitis occurs, men will have frequent urine, as well as urgency and pain. In this case, they need drugs to control these symptoms. Fortunately, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice. It can penetrate the prostate to eliminate inflammation and symptoms. More importantly, it contains more than 50 natural herbs, which will not bring any damage to the body and cause drug-resistance.
Kidney disease: the human body filters out the excess waste from the body through the kidneys. Usually, the kidneys produce less urine at night. However, when the kidneys have problems, the kidneys' ability to reabsorb water will be affected, which will easily lead to excessive urine at night. Therefore, if you find yourself making much urine at night recently, it usually leads to the situation of frequent urination and urgency. It is possible that the kidney is damaged, patients must improve the warning.

Methods of the frequent urine in the evening in the daily life.
1. Eat walnuts

Our kidney sometimes has superfluous urine amount, in this case, you need to eat more walnuts to supplement nutrition. Walnut itself can supplement the function of the kidney aphrodisiac. People who often eat walnut help increase the Yang Qi in the human body, improve the situation of nocturnal urine, and are also beneficial to the kidney.
2. Press your temples often

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the Taixi acupoint can lead to the meridians of the kidney. This acupoint is behind the medial ankle and the depression of the heel bones. Regular massage of this acupoint can dredge the meridians of the human body very well.
3. Bladder training method

Enhance the control ability of the nervous system to the bladder, reduce the sensitivity of the bladder, and reverse the situation of abnormal bladder urination.
4. Control your diet

Avoid excessive intake of acidic food and intensify the acid-base balance of acidic diet. Eat more food rich in plant organic active alkali, eat less meat, and eat more vegetables.
5. Have outdoor activities regularly

Doing more exercise and sweating more can help get rid of excess acid in the body and breathing more fresh air can reduce the chance of disease and contribute to people's health.
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